Macquarie College is committed to the holistic development of students within our care. Our aim is to optimise the learning potential of all children while building a community of faith which seeks to know God and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We form strong partnerships with parents to enhance our  understanding of how each child learns and how best to cater for their individual needs.  This three-way partnership ensures consistency in messages and is a vital means of supporting students in all aspects of their educational journey.

Curriculum content and teaching methodology cater for differing abilities and learning styles of every student.  Learning attributes or “habits”, critical to long term success, are explicitly taught and practised, creating an environment where children are highly engaged in their learning and strive for excellence in all they do.  

This culture of excellence is nurtured throughout the K-12 school experience, where the range of opportunities for extended learning and self-expression ensures every student can participate in the academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual programs to their fullest potential, through to the conclusion of their Higher School Certificate.

We believe that social, physical, emotional, and spiritual development is vital to the balanced approach to education. The Junior School delivers life-skills training through its Social Skills, Personal Development and Chapel Programs to enable our students to develop personal confidence, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, and emotional resilience.

Mentoring programs between Junior School and Senior School cohorts begins in Year 5 and progresses through to Year 12, ensuring that support, communication and community building is a continuous journey.

Students enjoy learning within a well resourced environment, using iPads, laptops  Chromebooks (or via a BYOD Program in Senior School) throughout their day.  Students across the College can participate in weekly music classes, pursue music through private lesson or  join one of the many music groups, ensembles, or performance groups which entertain the College and the community.

A community of learning where people flourish

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Modelling Values-driven behaviours for Tomorrow’s Leaders

The College is committed to upholding and transmitting the principles and values of the Christian faith with an emphasis on integrity in all things and respect for all people.

Staff members facilitate discussions and challenge students to a deeper appreciation of values including integrity, loyalty, respect, purity, truthfulness, unselfishness, and charity and their practice in daily life. This lays the foundation upon which students can ultimately serve the needs of an evolving society with dignity.

Equality, courtesy, modesty, refined speech, discreet behaviour, sensitivity, and a caring attitude are all important characteristics of Macquarie College students growing toward maturity. Students are taught to respect the rights of others and to take pride in their personal appearance and demeanour.

Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs of any other kind are strictly prohibited at Macquarie College.

Community Service

The College recognises the importance of its partnership with the broader community. Staff and students from Kindergarten to Year 12 are actively involved in community projects and fundraising events for Red Cross, Red Shield Appeal, World Vision, Asian Aid, Royal Blind Society and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).

Since 2009, Year 12 students participate in an overseas service trip to Vanuatu instead of going on traditional Schoolies trips to Queensland. This service trip is conducted under the umbrella of the STORMCo program (Service To Others Really Matters).  This trip is now a highly regarded activity for Year 12 students and is one of the ways in which the culture of giving and service is demonstrated, strengthening bonds between students, teachers and our neighbours in Vanuatu.