Our Purpose

Macquarie College is an aspirational, future-focused learning community, where the pursuit of excellence is nurtured in an inclusive, Christ-centred environment.

 Our Educational Philosophy

The educational program offered at Macquarie College is based on a Seventh-day Adventist Christian worldview and more specifically the following philosophical pre-suppositions:

  • God is recognised as the personal Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of mankind and therefore the Source of all life, knowledge, wisdom and truth.

  • God cannot be known by unaided human reason, but has revealed Himself, His nature and purposes through Jesus Christ, the natural world and the Bible. 

  • The standard of ethical behaviour is based upon the moral laws of God and His character of love and leads to a commitment of unselfish and loving concern for all people.  

  • Beauty and creativity, although marred by the effects of sin, still reflect the handiwork of a Creator-God.  

  • Each person finds ultimate fulfilment through their relationship with God, other people and the environment.

Therefore, the general purpose of the educational effort of the College is to provide a learning environment which enables each student:

  • to grow in his/her relationship with Christ through love, trust and fellowship

  • to grow in self-acceptance and understanding of oneself

  • to be accepting, tolerant and respectful of others and their needs

  • to profit spiritually, intellectually, aesthetically and practically from the natural world while acknowledging a responsibility for the care and protection of its resources and its beauties.