Rohan Deanshaw, PrincipalSince the emergence of formal schooling in the 19th century, students have been taught a range of subjects and skills intended to prepare them for post-school careers, employment and broader community life.

However, for many students today, the schools they attend and the skills they learn actually look little different to those attended and achieved by their parents. While careers and workplaces have changed greatly over the past generation, it is now the task of great schools to rise to the challenge of transforming themselves to become communities of learning which best equip young people with the skills and dispositions required for the future, not the past.

Macquarie College, whilst maintaining many proud traditions built on academic excellence and a broad suite of extra-curricular activities, also provides a learning environment which is intentionally future-focused.

At Macquarie College, students learn within a supportive, Christian context, where disciplinary rigour and inter-disciplinary learning is enabled through working in teams where curiosity and inquiry is the heartbeat of every learning experience.

The influence of high-quality teaching and learning professionals, supported by a broad range of partners such as the Future Schools Alliance, the Association of Independent Schools NSW, the Buck Institute for Education, together with various tertiary institutions and business entities, makes Macquarie College an exciting, experiential learning environment for all students.

Macquarie College is an aspirational, future-focused, learning community where educational excellence is supported through a welcoming, Christ-centred environment, collectively expressed through mutual trust, nurture and a sense of belonging, where every member of our College community has the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

Recognised as a leading Independent school in the Hunter region and, while proud of the excellent achievements of both students and the College staff, Macquarie College is now committed to being a school which leads its community into a future of relevance, opportunity and growth. Empowered through real-world, authentic learning, our students are being equipped as the global citizens of the future.

Mr Rohan Deanshaw